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BacStat Professional Treatment Kits

BacStat Treatment for Damaged, Dry, Splitting, Frizzy, Hair,

Daily Repair

For daily moisture repair you will want to use Comb-Out, Innerset, Aqua Mist. Use Comb-Out as your conditioner, you may leave a little in. Spray on Innerset leave in conditioner, about 6 to 8 spray. Spray on Aqua Mist deep water moisture about 5 to 8 sprays. Also for fine hair gives body, shine, managability. And for coarse, and curly hair, will let your hair frizz free, soft, and shiney. 

Daily Moisture

Moisture Essence Shampoo, and Comb-Out Conditioner will give your hair daily moisture. Moisture Essence, and Comb-Out are great for colored, permed, or natural curly hair. Moisture Essence, and Comb-Out work great together to keep color vibrant, and hair soft.   

Ultra Moisture

Moisture Management Complex & Control will bring new life to your hair.  Moisture Management Complex on wet hair, rinse or leave in, will deposit real moisture where it's need. Moisture Management Complex spray on dry hair to support moisture while using flat iron. Control leave in conditioner will stop breakage, corrects hair after perms, relaxers, and color. Control will leave your hair softer, shiney, with less frizz, less tangles, and better body.

Daily Repair, Frizz Free

Aqua Mist, daily moisture repair. Wether your hair is permed, colored, or natural curly, Aqua Mist is you. Aqua Mist will leave your hair frizz free. Aqua Mist will strenghted the hair after one treatment. Use Aqua Mist on a daily bases to maintain daily repair, or to just keep the frizz away. Spray on 5 to 8 sprays of Aqua Mist leave in and style. Aqua Mist a true moisturizer that is absorbed into the hair shaft completely. Aqua Mist should be used with in the BacStat system. Best used with Comb-Out, and Innerset.

Hair Hilights

Hair Hilights is the number one in todays salon for black hair care. It only takes 2 sprays of Hair Hilights, to Activate, brighten, soften, and moisturizes your hair. Hair Hilights is excellent on relaxed/straightened hair. Use Hair Hilights before any hot iron process. Hair Hilights only 2 sprays, great for very dry and difficult hair. 

Innerset Leave In Conditioner

Innerset leave in conditioner the one and only. Innerset can be a treatment all on it's own. Innerset will stop breakage in all hair types. Innerset will correct hair after any chemical service. Spray on 5 to 7 spays of Innerset before blow drying comb through and finish with styling. For best results use with in the BacStat system. Innerset is best used with Comb-Out conditioner. For volume and body use Innerset with out Comb-Out conditioner.Do not use Innerset before any chemical service, best used after any chemical service. Innerset is also great for skin burns, insect bites, and sun burns.

Moisture Drops

Moisture Drops for hair, and scalp. Moisture Drops will add lustre, and sheen to very dry and chemically processed hair. Moisture Drops for skin, will replace the actual moisture. Moisture Drops apply where needed, it only takes a little. 

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