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Tangle Free Hair

No more Tangles with BacStat professional salon hair care products. Your hair will be softer, shiny, tangle free, with body. Experience every day tangle free hair with BacStat hair care. 

Daily Shampoo

Daily shampoo will effectively cleans the hair of styling build-up, and will not weigh the hair down. Daily shampoo will leave your hair feeling rejuvenate. 

Comb-Out Conditioner

Comb-Out conditioner block's chlorine and sets up for tangle free combing. Comb-Out conditioner a true moisturizer that keeps colors vibrant without oils. Use a little or a lot, rinse or let in.

Control Leave In Conditioner

Control leave in conditioner will stop breakage, and correct the hair. Control leave in conditioner will let your hair tangle free, with less frizz. With Control leave in conditioner your hair will be softer, shiny, and have better body, with no tangles. Spray on 6 to 8 sprays of Control leave in conditioner after shampoo, and Comb-Out conditioner, comb through, and style.

Style With No Tangles use Fast Dry Hair Foam

Start your tangle free style with Fast Dry Hair Foam. Fast Dry Hair Foam is a mousse, it only takes 1 pump of Fast Dry Hair Foam. Fast Dry Hair Foam will leave your hair tangle free, giving texture, shine, and control. Use 1 pump of Fast Dry Hair Foam work through hair and blow dry.

Hair Spray

 Finish with BacStat Hair Spray for a light hold, or Design&Spray for style play, and firm hold. 

Design & Spray

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Daily Shampoo 8oz
Comb-Out Conditioner 8oz
Control Leave In Conditioner 8oz
Fast Dry Hair Foam 8oz
Hair Spray 8oz
Design&Spray 8oz
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